In the last year, with mortgage rates rising from previous years, refinancing has not been a popular financing option for many Tampa Bay homeowners seeking to utilize their home’s equity or simply reduce their payment and interest rate. With rising property values, homeowners, more so, have turned to HELOC and second mortgage options to finance […]

5 Reasons to Refinance Your Home

Did you know the Tampa Bay area is one of the hottest places for self-employed people to set down roots? According to Forbes, it’s rated 2nd best for young entrepreneurs. As a community and culture that makes people and connections accessible, more and more sole proprietors, contract workers, and freelancers are moving to the area […]

Is a Bank Statement Loan the Right Option for Me?

Bank statement loan for self-employed borrowers

The heat in Florida in the late summer is no joke. Most of us stay hunkered down in our houses, waiting for the index to drop and slightly cooler days to set in to enjoy the dreamy fall. We find ourselves avoiding the unbearable weather by catching Buccaneers games inside or taking in Love It […]

Get a Fast HELOC Loan in Tampa, Florida | 8 Smart Ways to Use Your HELOC

Heloc for home improvement

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know Tampa Bay is an incredible place! The white beaches and palms are some of the most beautiful in the Sunshine State. And thrill-seekers will likely get their fill of coastal quests like wave-running and parasailing.  But if you’ve made it through a summer, you […]

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season 2023: Timely Reminders for New or Established Florida Residents

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season 2023: Timely Reminders for New or Established Florida Residents

Welcome to the Sunshine State, where the white-sand beaches are world-famous, the palm trees sway, and the spirit of a life lived on vacation beckons! If you’re reading this, you must be considering the bold move to Tampa, Florida. While you check out this guide, I hope you’ll consider me (Christen, in case we haven’t […]

The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Tampa Bay (And Knowing What the Locals Know)

Ultimate Guide to Moving to Tampa